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Fahrenheit 451 PDF is set in the future of Dystopia, when everything has become a ban because they make people… think. To prevent this “dangerous” item from poisoning the people, the government uses a team of firefighters to burn books. These soldiers themselves did not know why they had to burn, they only knew that books were banned goods, and they needed to be destroyed. Guy Montag is such a person.But then one day Montag met an innocent young girl. She asked him questions that made him dumbfounded, making him doubt the nature of his life. One day, during his mission, he stole a book, and starting from there, his whole world changed.

Ray Bradbury borrowed Fahrenheit 451 to come up with many very interesting and new ideas. The first is the stagnation of society. All the pleasures of the people were very shallow, and that kind of profound culture of books was burned again. Imagine opening just one book is enough to close yourself to death. Next, the “firefighters” in the story are those who set the fire, not put out the fire. This is indeed a paradoxical society.

Although written with the purpose of criticizing the rise of the TV and other mass media and its influence on society, Fahrenheit 451still raises a question of why it’s so good: why are books, poetry, literature so powerful? There are people who are willing to die for them, there are people who want to destroy them, and there are people who change their whole lives for them. Why? Books are not the truth. Books do not hold every answer. The ideas they contain are so completely subjective of the author, to the point that the Beatty character in the story makes a very reasonable argument that no two books written on the same subject agree. together. So why do we like them so much? This is a very difficult question to answer, and probably will never have a satisfactory answer.

The circuit of Fahrenheit 451 sometimes goes slowly. Bradbury’s writing style is very long, very ornate, it seems like it will never end. Of course, this is the author’s artistic choice, because in a written book that expresses the danger of the book, doesn’t it show off the potential power of the pen? However, everyone should know that this work requires readers to be more patient than usual.

In short, Fahrenheit 451 is a very good and meaningful book. Regardless of whether you are a fan of Science Fiction or Sci Fi, this will be a work worth reading.